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Linda's love for books started at a very young age. Her first attempt at writing was a book written in the second grade. The thrill of seeing her work "in print" remained and Linda continued her pursuit of writing.

As a teen, experiencing the ups and downs that teens do, Linda turned to poetry to help work through these sometimes painful emotions. She would also spend hours on end reading just about everything she could get her hands on. Linda also began expanding on her musical and artistic talents during these years. Soon her active pursuit of writing, outside of school assignments, became nothing more than a deeply buried childhood fantasy.

Linda's life continued on a fairly normal path for a young woman growing up in southern California. At 22 she met and married her husband, Dan, who was serving in the United States Navy. Thinking it was nothing more than a government job that required the willingness to go to war if need be, Linda entered the marriage with blinders on. It wasn't long after the wedding that she began to understand the reality of Navy life, as well as the popular sentiment "Navy Wife -- The Toughest Job in the Navy." Although it would take several years for the seeds to germinate, here was born her first book, "When Will My Ship Come In? The Misadventures of a Navy Wife."

During these trying years, Linda always remembered two of her mother's favorite bits of advice, "You'll either laugh or cry. You might as well laugh," and "You should write a book." Linda's only regret is that her mother didn't live to see the fruit of her advice.

Now a full-time mother and published author, Linda lives in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, with her husband and their son.

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